Acupuncture addresses the problem from the rebalancing of the body electrical circuit.

It´s a scientific treatment system, able to improve, correct or prevent deseases using the stimulation of different anatomical points by means of needles, lasers or others.


The body is made of liquids, muscles, bones, visceras all connected by electrical impulses that we consider “energy”. The route energy system is called MERIDIANS, they are 14, 10 of them are named in the same way that the home related organ.


The most effective valuation method since old times, at least for us, is the “PULSES MAKING” that is to press with our fingers different patient arterial sections and value its inbalances (excess, emptiness, blocking), to know the cause and thus restore the balance.


Each sick person will evolve based on the age of your imbalance and your disposal to react to the treatment, depending of your age, shape and predisposition to heal.



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Body happiness is based on health, understanding in the know. Thales of Miletus